Professionals can support seniors in accessing community services via the model. Here are the options available to professionals having obtained the client’s consent:

1) Call the toll-free line to complete the referral process over the phone on behalf of the client or caregiver. The agency receiving the referral will then follow-up with the client to confirm the service and make the detailed arrangements.

– OR –

2) Fill in the DWTC Intake Form and fax it directly to the Agency
The DWTC Intake Form is designed to collect information about a client’s health, ability to function, service needs and preferences. After collecting and analyzing this information, you can search out the “best match” of services to meet the client’s needs based on their location by using the customized DWTC/CNAP Search Tool.

Once you have selected the right agency (or agencies) to deliver the services to meet the client’s needs, you fax the completed DWTC Intake Form directly to the agency – therefore eliminating the need to repeat the intake procedure at the referred agency. 

– OR –

 3) Give seniors and caregivers the flyers or rack cards.
You can help to “get the word out” about with clients and families, in the following ways:

  • Give your client a flyer or rack card and discuss the value of community services to help with aging at home
  • Post the flyers on your bulletin boards
  • Display rack cards in your organization and distribute to clients
  • Ask the Outreach and Access Coordinator to give presentations and or host a booth at events in your community (to arrange this, call the Toll Free line)