1. Foot Care
    1. Helping a senior with the care and condition of their feet including monitoring for health conditions. 
  2. Hospice Care
    1. Information, education and support (physical, practical, emotional, social, spiritual, and bereavement) for seniors living with a progressive and life threatening illness, and for their caregivers, families and friends.
  3. Nursing
    1. Health promotion, assessment, care and treatment of health conditions to reach or maintain optimal health.
  4. Palliative Care
    1. The combination of therapies, such as nursing and social work, delivered by a multidisciplinary team, intended to comfort and support individuals and families who are living with or dying from a progressive life-threatening illness.
  5. Rehabilitation
    1. A variety of therapies and /or education, such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy, to reach and maintain optimal physical, emotional and psychiatric health and independence.
  6. Specialized Geriatric Services
    1. A variety of health care services that diagnose, treat and rehabilitate frail seniors with complex medical, functional and psychosocial issues.  Services provided in the senior’s home, in inpatient, or clinic /outpatient settings by a team of health professionals including geriatricians, nurses, social workers, and occupational and physical therapists.